Maximizing Efficiency: The Vital Role of Energy Management Partners like SMG Energy

Facility Managers Energy Usage

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of sustainability and cost efficiency, more and more facility managers are having to shoulder a crucial responsibility: overseeing energy usage across large, distributed portfolios. With the rising importance of minimizing environmental impact and optimizing operational costs, facility managers must continuously monitor utility data to ensure they’re not overpaying for energy […]

Evaluating the ROI of Sustainable Initiatives: A Guide for Facility Managers

Sustainable Initiatives in Facility Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of facility management, integrating sustainable initiatives has become a priority for professionals aiming to align operations with environmentally conscious practices. However, evaluating the Return on Investment (ROI) associated with these initiatives poses a common concern among facility managers and financial teams. This guide explores the financial aspects of sustainable practices, including […]

3 Tips to Improve Energy Use for Sustainable Multi-Site Businesses

Three tips to improve energy used for sustainability multi-site businesses

Sustainability continues to grow in importance as large multi-site companies recognize that doing good by the environment is also good for business. Businesses are regularly integrating environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals into their governance, while investors are increasingly seeking out new opportunities to fund companies with strong commitment to sustainability and the planet. […]