Energy Efficiency

Insights & actionable strategies

Save money, reduce your footprint, & automate

With our unique cloud-based software platform, we take a look at your organization’s energy and facility patterns and help you find a better, more efficient path to using energy. 

Manage utility programs for peak efficiency

SMG will look at your utility programs and show you how to use analytics to reach peak efficiency.

Reduce emissions for lower usage

We help you reduce both your energy output and your CO2 emissions.

Ensure facility energy consistency

With an energy management program, we can help you control peak demand and overall energy usage.

Maximum results for your energy use

Streamline day-to-day operations & their environmental impact

By using smart technology, we help you automate and reduce the way you are using energy. We spend time researching and collecting your data in order to understand the best strategy to help you meet your sustainability goals, and then we deliver detailed reports and create an actionable plan to help you automate. 

Electric vehicle charging stations

Premium EV structures for your budget

In addition to building automation and management, SMG Energy offers a wide range of commercial charging stations and mounting solutions. From selection to installation to maintenance, we’ll assist you in selecting the EV charging station that is right for your single property or distributed portfolio. Once your stations are operational, our team will keep them up and running with our regularly scheduled maintenance and service program.

SMG will help you utilize rebates & tax credits that may be available.


Our team continues to monitor your system after installation.


We will handle the full installation of your EV charging stations.


We offer a variety of options to meet your technological needs.

Financing options are available for your EV program

With our flexible options and financing availability, we help you afford the EV charging station you need. Our stations are customizable, increasing your ability to meet your budget needs. Our contracts are focused on making EV charging stations more affordable and beneficial to each company we serve.

High-Impact Energy Strategies

Advanced analytics | Deep expertise | Fast deployment